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Data Management

Our comprehensive Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions allows marketers to integrate all essential data points. This provides a consolidated view that enables more opportunities.

List Acquisition

A targeted audience is just a list away. Our List Specialist helps businesses select the criteria that matter the most to their bottom line.

Quant Analytics

Our Quant Analytics services allow businesses to discover how their customers engage with their sales reps and help them develop strategic customer centric marketing plans. 

Data Enrichment

Data quality is the first fundamental step to any successful marketing campaign. That is why we have created a complete enrichment suite of products that provide the most reliable and real time information to your teams. Our Data Enrichment services are designed to enhance a business knowledge of their customers and prospects.

Lead Verification

Our Lead Verification solution improves leads in “real time” via data cleansing, verification, and enhancement. All real-time services are also available in a batch processing environment.


"We wanted to get in front of our customers without being too intrusive. QuantMenta was able to set us up with a ringless voicemail that has doubled our contact ratio on lead submissions."

—  Kerri, Sales Manager


About Us

A privately held company located in Massapequa NY, Quantmenta was formed with one goal in mind, to help small and medium sized business manage and utilize their data to increase revenue, work more efficiently and most importantly remain compliant. 
With over 10 years experience in quantitative and fundamental analysis with a focus on data management, we know what it takes to successfully leverage, and optimize your companies data.
From scrubbing leads for DNC compliance to Data Enrichment. If it can be done, we can do it. 
About Us

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